Naughton Cider Company stems from over 2 decades of experience in the world of Champagne.

We set about trying to create the purest expression of Cider. A cider that is elegant, refined and generous. A Cider that perfectly expresses the potential and brilliance of the humble apple. A Cider like no other, we use apples from our ancient walled garden as well as a number of other local orchards (and a few further afield!).

Our process mirrors that of the Champenoise. Primary fermentation is done using a Champagne yeast in barrels previously used to make Champagne. The apple must (Cider before it is bottled) then ages on lees (dead yeast cells) for 10 months before being bottled.

Bottling involves adding more Champagne yeast and sugar to create the magical bubbles! The bottles then sit for 2 years (and some cuvees for much longer than this) before being disgorged by hand and corked. Before finding its way into your glass!